Blahtex and Blahtexml: Converting TeX equations into MathML

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How to build blahtex(ml)?

Blahtexml requires one to have the XML parser library Xerces-C installed, to which blahtexml dynamically links.

If you do not have Xerces-C installed, you can still build and use the original blahtex, since blahtexml is a source-level superset of blahtex. The few differences in blahtex due to blahtexml are enclosed in conditional compilation directives.

To build blahtex (resp. blahtexml), you need to download the blahtexml sources, untar them in a directory and compile them by typing make blahtex-linux (resp. make blahtexml-linux) under Linux. It was successfully compiled using GCC 4.3.1 or 4.4.1 and Xerces-C 2.8 or 3.0 on Linux. For more details on other platforms, please refer to the manual.