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Welcome to the web page dedicated to blahtex and blahtexml.

Blahtex(ml) has moved to github!

What are blahtex and blahtexml?

Blahtex is a program written in C++, which converts an equation given in a syntax close to TeX into MathML. It is designed by David Harvey and is aimed at supporting equations in MediaWiki.

Blahtexml is a simple extension of blahtex, written by Gilles Van Assche. In addition to the functionality of blahtex, blahtexml has XML processing in mind and is able to process a whole XML document into another XML document. Instead of converting only one formula at a time, blahtexml can convert all the formulas of the given XML file into MathML.

Latest news

16 October 2013 — Blahtex(ml) has moved to github

In April, I decided to move blahtex(ml) to github. This decision was taken mainly because I don't have much time left to maintain blahtex(ml), and so it makes it easier for other contributors to fix bugs or bring improvements.

The history was preserved from the original blahtex 0.4.4 by David Harvey to the latest changes brought by Matt Rajca.

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16 October 2013 — Blahtex used by Apple's iBook Author

Apple's iBooks Author supports equations written in LaTeX or MathML, and it does so using blahtex.

16 October 2013 — Blahtexml and multi-target document generation

This article, published in the Zpravodaj Československého sdružení uživatelů TeXu, describes a particular use case of blahtexml, where the source of a scientific document is written in XML and can be the input for a variety of output formats, ranging from LaTeX articles to documents in OpenDocument format to web pages. We show that blahtexml can play a central role in such a context, where the author wishes to enter equations in the TeX syntax and yet enable his document for publication not only with TeX but also in MathML-based formats.

This comes with a working, yet simple, example of a multi-target generation system for scientific documents.

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Feedback is greatly appreciated. For bug reporting and feedback in general, please contact me at blahtexml-at-noekeon-dot-org.